NOTE: The charts I send to you will appear in my own format (see examples below.)


The following are the free chart options: 

  1. A single birth chart without interpretation. {Example 1 below}

  2. A beginner’s chart without interpretation but which includes tables showing the glyphs used in the chart for chart points and signs. Also includes tables indicating aspects between chart points. {Example 2 below}

  3. A birth chart biwheel update without interpretation (your birth chart and a date for the update event.) These appear in a biwheel format. {Example 3 Below}

  4. A relationship biwheel chart without interpretation showing two birth charts in a biwheel format. {Example 4 Below}

  5. A secondary progression chart without interpretation in biwheel format (your birth chart and a date for the progressed update event.) {Example 5 Below


Example 1:  Single Birth Chart 


Example 2:  Beginner’s Birth Chart 


Example 3:  BiWheel Update Chart 


Example 4:  BiWheel Relationship Chart 


Example 5:  BiWheel Secondary Progression Chart