NOTE: Please use the “Contact Us” form on this website to sign up for any class. Also, check the “News” page on this website for possible speaking engagements and other news.


Here is the list of classes that may be given in the near future (currently no earlier than April 2020.)


  1.  Astrology Basics  --- an introduction to astrology, including history, Zodiac basics (signs), the purpose of “houses”, the astrological elements, the chart points (planets, etc.), rulerships, and aspects (relationships between chart points.) Four two-hour classes (one per week.) {Scheduled: 4 Thursday evenings (6:30 to 8:30) Apr 16, 23, 30 & May 7.}; Cost = $95 for the 4 classes.


  2.  Birth Chart Interpretation --- we focus on the birth chart and methods of interpretation, including the creativity needed to fully understand how one’s own internal dialogue informs the growth of wisdom. Five two-hour classes (one per week.) {Scheduled  cost, time and place to be announced.}


  3. Mastering the BiWheel Chart --- the biwheel chart is used to compare one chart to another, whether the charts are birth charts, event charts, or secondary progressed charts. This is especially useful when one wants to update and discover what current influences are having on one’s birth chart. Four two-hour classes (one per week.) {Currently Scheduled  for April 2020 - cost, exact time and place to be announced.}


    NOTE: If, for any reason, you cannot attend every class or afford the standard cost (but you want to attend/pay as much as possible) please contact us via the website, including your phone number, and we can discuss it.