There two basic types of report that you can request from me: first, an interpretation report that is a substitute for a reading interpretation, and second is a keyword phrase report, which is designed to assist you in making your own interpretation (described in more detail in my book, The Weather Within.)


  1. Refer to "Chart Requests" introduction above for birth information requirements. 
  2. As with sent chart readings, all sent reports must be paid for by cash or check. I must receive the payment before I prepare the report. I will send you a post office box to which this should be sent.

The Interpretation Report has a consistent format; it begins with a general set of comments that set the basic tone of your chart by focusing on: 

  1. The chart’s general traits, such as the weight of the elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and the weight of chart points in the hemispheres (North/South and East/West).


  2. The positions of the Sun’s sign and house position, the Moon’s sign and house position, and the sign where your Ascendant appears. This is the minimum that any reading of your chart should provide.


  3. I then proceed by explaining the other sixteen chart points, starting with the 1st House (if any reside there) and going around (counterclockwise) to the 12th House.


  4. Last, I address the aspects (angular relationships between chart points) that are most important in the chart. I divide this section into two main categories, “Challenges” and “Opportunities.” Challenges refer to aspects that are square (close to 90 degrees) to each other or opposite (close to 180 degrees) to each other. Opportunities refer to aspects that are conjunct (close to 0 degrees) to each other, sextile (close to 60 degrees) to each other or trine (close to 120 degrees) to each other. Of course, one could easily argue that all close aspects are both challenging and full of opportunity, but I like to keep the separation to allow clients to assess the weight of these distinctions for themselves. Cost = $135.

The Keyword Phrase Report is a specialized report, mentioned in my book, The Weather Within. The idea is that keyword phrases help people who are interested in interpreting their own birth charts. Along with keyword phrases, I include a brief interpretation which is meant only to prompt clients in the act of providing their own interpretations. From a client's birth information I assemble all the unique client birth chart information, such as his/her chart points, their signs and house positions; then I send the assembled keyword report to them by email. Cost = $24.