Chart Readings

In doing a chart reading, two important factors are considered: first, that you are a unique individual who has emerged from a natural world full of spirit, physical needs, inquisitive minds and personal feelings, and second, that what has evolved in you is an inner dialogue in which you nurture your growth as a human being. Your birth chart is a map that can be used as a guide to that growth.


NOTE: Chart reading appointments are arranged via email to and from It may be useful (and save time in the reading) for you to indicate the level of your knowledge of astrology when making an appointment.


The following venues are offered for chart readings (basic chart costs are described further below):

  1. I meet with you at a place of your choice on Cape Cod to give you a chart reading and I record the session. The session will last approximately 1 and ½ hours and I will give you a CD of the recorded session and chart printouts. Add $10 to the Basic Cost of the chart.


  2. I meet with you in my home to give you a chart reading and I record the session. The session will last approximately 1 and ½ hours and I will give you a CD of the recorded session and chart printouts. No additional cost.


  3. You do not live on Cape Cod, but you request a chart reading. I record a reading and send you a CD of my reading and chart printouts. Add $15 to the Basic Cost of the chart.

NOTE: All readings must be paid for by cash or check. For venues 1 and 2 above, I will accept your payment personally. For venue 3 above, I must receive the payment before I prepare the reading. I will send you a post office box to which this should be sent.


Types of Chart Readings & Basic Costs:


Single Birth Chart Readings:


NOTE: Refer to "Chart Requests" introduction above for birth information requirements.

A single birth chart reading will begin with general information about the chart, such as which natural elements (fire, earth, air or water) are predominant in the chart and which hemispheres (west, south, east and north) are also predominant! I then proceed through the houses (1st to 12th) covering every chart point in detail (there are 19 chart points I cover including planets, asteroids and Moon’s nodes.) I also include aspects (relationships between the chart points.) Basic Cost = $125.

Biwheel Update Chart Readings:


Another common request is for the reading of a birth chart biwheel update. Occasionally, clients want an update on their birth chart; that is, they want to know what has changed over a period of time. This means that two charts need to be compared, a birth chart and an event chart that shows where the planets are today. The comparison of two charts is done using a biwheel in which the birth chart is in the inner wheel and the current position of chart points is in the outer wheel. Basic Cost = $135.    

Here is a sample of a birth chart update biwheel (note that all the house cusps are those of the birth chart, not the event chart):

NOTE: If Lincoln had received this update, he probably wouldn't have gone to Ford's Theater.


Relationship Chart Readings:


The reading of a relationship comparison chart is often requested. Again, the biwheel chart is the best method for this. Two issues arise with comparisons: first, there is the ethical problem presented when one of the people compared doesn’t know about the request, and second, a decision has to be made as to whose chart is used in the inner wheel because all of the house cusps belong to that chart. I always make the stipulations that both people must be present for the reading and they must agree ahead of time whose chart will be in the inner wheel (unless, of course, they want to pay for two readings with different charts on the inner wheel.) Refer to the Biwheel Charts section of the Chart Requests section above for an example. Basic Cost = $175.


Secondary Progression Chart Readings:

If you understand the secondary progression concept mentioned above, you understand that this is a reading that relates to where the planets, etc. have moved to at some time after you were born. This means that you must specify the date you want to look at when you request a reading. It is presented in a biwheel format (see example chart under "Chart Requests" above.) Cost = $135.