As the Sun moves through Scorpio, Venus begins at 23° Virgo and moves to 0° Scorpio. This represents a shift from the humble and down-to-earth sign of Virgo and all the way through Libra, the sign of relationships.


There are several aspects that this transit makes that are important. On October 27th, the transiting Moon (Pisces 29°) opposes transiting Venus (Virgo 29°), indicating a potential relationship clash between a practical Venus and a compassionate Moon.


On November 1st, Venus opposes the planetoid Chiron, which represents the act of healing. An opposition like this might mean an opportunity to heal an old wound in a relationship or it could result in a new wound. This occurs at 5° of both Aries (Chiron) and Libra (Venus), so check your natal chart to see if that is important to you.


On November 9th, transiting Mars (Aries 15° Rx) opposes transiting Venus (Libra 15°) potentially inciting a more angry clash, especially since each of these planets is in the sign that it rules. Look for public displays of this anger, too.


On November 12th, the transiting Moon conjuncts transiting Venus at 18° Libra providing an opportunity to express an emotional outpouring of love and concern for another in a relationship. Again, look in your natal chart to see if this is a good time for you to do the emoting.


On November 14th, 15th and 18th transiting Venus squares the Capricorn trio of Pluto (22° Capricorn), Jupiter (23° Capricorn) and Saturn (27° Capricorn) activating the political ramifications of a caring and relationship-oriented Venus. Maybe Melania will have something to say.


What can happen during this time is that people can learn new dimensions of their relationships and appreciate new depths of understanding. Remember also to take a look at which houses in your natal chart Venus will pass through. That will give you more specific detail to look at. Remember especially that the basic energy of Venus is one of kindness.