While the Sun moves through Scorpio, Uranus will move retrograde from 9°02 Taurus to 7°52 Taurus, just over one degree. Uranus’s retrograde period will last until Jan 15th 2021.


Uranus in Taurus affects a whole generation of people throughout the world by emphasizing our awareness of the Earth (e.g., climate change) and our awareness of the power of money. We already know about the dynamic effect on our world’s stock exchanges.


Uranus is the planet of intellectual awareness and overreaching ideas. As it passes through Taurus, a whole generation will see the planet Earth in ways we have never seen it before. Also, this Uranus in Taurus highlights our need to fully understand the growth process as it occurs in Nature and as it occurs in mankind. Hopefully, it also reminds us that the accumulation of “things” is not what we need to be about, but the accumulation of new ideas about how we live securely on this Earth is more appropriate.


Look in your natal chart to see if Uranus impacts you significantly as it moves slowly between 9°02 and 7°52 Taurus. See what house it is impacting, and don’t forget to look at any chart points you have in the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.)