During the Sun’s passage through Scorpio, Saturn moves on toward Aquarius until around Xmas time when it conjuncts with Jupiter as it enters the sign of Aquarius, the sign of science and an egalitarian point of view, such as the Declaration of Independence’s statement that “All men are created equal.” My interpretation of this event is that the Democrats will have won the November election and they will be working on how to implement science-based and egalitarian policies. But, to be fair, I have on occasion been wrong.


Saturn moves this month from 25°48 to 27°33 Capricorn As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, with its emphasis on discipline and its use of fear to make people pay attention, seems well suited for the current times.


On October 23rd, the transiting Moon conjuncts Saturn at 25° Capricorn adding yet another emotional element to our government drama. It’s the day after the last debate, so maybe trump will be off-the-wall because he was not allowed to interrupt during the debate.


On November 7th, the transiting Moon (26° Cancer) opposes Saturn creating yet another emotional clash, the specifics of which I can only guess.


The last aspect to Saturn during this month is on November 19 when Venus (27° Libra) goes square to Saturn. I mention this in my Venus forecast and suggest that maybe Melania Trump will have something to say.


Look in your natal chart to find what house Saturn resides in and what natal planets it might be conjuncting or otherwise aspecting. Saturn spends about 2 1/3 years in each sign, which means that every seven years it goes one quarter of the way around the Zodiac and is “square” to its 7-years-ago position. This is the source of the old superstition that breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck.


Saturn teaches us how to survive in the world by emphasizing discipline in the things we do. There are important lessons to be learned about the world under Saturn’s influence. For example, when Saturn returns to the point in your birth chart where it resides, it takes about 29 years for this to happen. This means that everyone has the potential to learn the lesson of how to make one’s way in the world around the ages of 28 to 30. It is a time when one needs to put away childish things and focus on what one intends to do in and for the world. The Saturn return cycle occurs again at about age 58 when one must come to grips with his/her physical limitations and contemplate the last part of life.