Neptune, the far out and mystical planet, moves less than one degree in the time it takes the Sun to move through Scorpio. Neptune continues to move retrograde and will move from 18°32 Pisces to 18°11 Pisces, which Neptune rules. Neptune will go direct again on Dec 1st.


Our feelings of compassion and emotional connection will turn to other people and the world in general to a more reflective state. You may even begin to feel how important it is to have compassion for yourself.


 We can see the effects of Neptune when we look at how we feel, on a daily basis, to see pandemic suffering. Also, notice how many musical tributes have been made during our social distancing.


Because it is in the sign it rules, Neptune is especially powerful and significant. It takes 165 years for it to orbit the Sun, so its occurrence in Pisces is not very common. The last time was from 1848 to 1861 when it moved into the sign of the war god (Aries) and the American Civil War began. That period before the Civil War was characterized by romantic writers all over the world, as there was a need for people to romanticize, fantasize and not deal with reality. Neptune in Pisces will do that. You can speculate how that same need for fantasy is in our world today. Also, you can see how the need for compassion and empathy has become essential.


Look in your natal chart to see if Neptune impacts you significantly as it moves between 18°32 Pisces to 18°11 Pisces. See what house it is impacting, and don’t forget to look at chart points in other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.)