As the Sun passes through Scorpio, the Moon touches all of the signs, houses and planets of your birth chart and spends about two days in each sign. The full Moon in Taurus (8°) occurs on October 31st at 10:48 AM. This October full moon (known as either the Autumn Moon or the Hunter’s Moon) is the second full moon in October this year (somewhat unusual), but its real significance is that it happens when the Moon is exactly conjunct the planet Uranus in Taurus. As I mentioned in the comments on the Sun progress this month, this could mean a stock market shift or some climate change event, or maybe just an awareness of how important people spend their or taxpayers’ dollars.


Remember that the Moon is about how you react emotionally to your experiences, so always keep in mind the sign and house where your natal Moon occurs as you consider your interpretation of its transit through its eight phases. Full moon in Scorpio has the feelings of concern for the emotional side of your relationships. The Sun wants to be dramatic, while the Moon wants you to consider the practical side of anything you do.


Note also that you’ll experience a new moon as it catches up with the Sun on November 15th at about 1:08 AM. New moons in Scorpio can be about new dramatic events, or at least or gaining new insights into them.


Look in your natal chart for these two moon events, and be sure to look at the houses they occur in as well as any aspects they make to other chart points. They are especially powerful this month.