During the Sun’s transit through Scorpio, Mercury moves from 7° Scorpio on Oct 22nd. It continues retrograde to 25° Libra on Nov 3rd, then moves back to 14° Scorpio on Nov 21st. What this means is that after Nov 3rd, the pressure of decision-making will be over for most of us.


That Nov 3rd pause at 25° Libra also includes a square to the transiting Saturn in Capricorn. I see this as a point where fear (Saturn’s modus operandi) is at a peak from both the pandemic and the efforts of right-leaning groups, encouraged by Trump, to intimidate voters.


Another key Mercury transit occurs on Nov 17th as Mercury opposes transiting Uranus in Taurus, and we are made aware of the need to be down-to-earth in our understanding of climate change.


The Moon also aspects Mercury on Oct 30th (Moon opposite Mercury) and November 14th (Moon conjunct Mercury.) It might also be wise to look at your natal chart and see what houses and other chart points are being impacted during the transits mentioned here.


Remember also that if you have some planets in late Libra or early Scorpio you may be especially affected by Mercury’s transits. This is especially true if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant are in these signs.


Mercury is about learning and self-expression, so paying attention to the issues that this pandemic has introduced to your life, especially with schooling, is very important. One would hope that this allows the possibilities of new appreciations of childhood learning.


As I have always said about Mercury retrograde periods, it is important not to sign documents or make legal decisions if you can avoid it. You will not be able to avoid making the decision to vote before Mercury goes forward again late on Nov 3rd, so be especially cautious about that decision. It seems there are many forces in our world trying to make that decision difficult, but do NOT avoid the decision.