As the Sun moves through Scorpio, Mars moves in the sign it rules, Aries. It doesn’t move very far because it is moving retrograde and, in relation to the Earth, gives the appearance of slowing down as it prepares to reverse course. From our perspective, it only moves from 18° Aries to 15° Aries where it goes direct again on November 14th, but stays at that degree until the Sun leaves Scorpio. It might be wise to see if that 15th degree of Aries is significant in your natal chart.


On October 24th, transiting Mars goes square to the asteroid Pallas (18° Capricorn) suggesting a need to be especially wise regarding one’s actions. Impulsiveness may have grim consequences.


On October 29th, the Moon conjuncts Mars at 16° Aries adding emotion to our motivations, which may or may not be necessary. You’ll have to make the call on that one.


On November 12th, the Moon (15° Libra) opposes transiting Mars, again adding an emotional element, but this time it’s almost certainly a good thing to be cautious.

Look in your natal chart to see what houses and other natal chart points transiting Mars will aspect during this time (18° Aries back to 15° Aries).


The reddish color of Mars has always made it unique in the night sky. Since red is often associated with blood, it seems appropriate that Mars was named for the ancient god of war. It seems to symbolize all that is action-oriented and associated with getting things accomplished.