While the Sun traverses Scorpio, Jupiter moves through Capricorn (19°47 to 24°29), adding some more positive notes to our governance issues.


On October 23rd, while Jupiter creeps closer to that Pluto in Capricorn that is transforming our politics, the transiting Moon goes square to both Jupiter and Pluto, creating more tension with the issues of government.


The next significant Jupiter transit occurs on November 12th when Jupiter finally catches up with Pluto (22° Capricorn) and adds a positive note (optimism?) to our government transformation. Who knows? Maybe Trump will finally accept the election results then. On the very next day (Nov 13th) the Moon squares that same Pluto.


Jupiter moves on this fall to catch up with Saturn, and it finally joins Saturn around Christmas time just as they both enter the sign of Aquarius, the sign of intellect, science and new ideas. Who knows, maybe that will be when we have a breakthrough on a coronavirus vaccine?


I still consider this period of time astrologically and politically very significant. While Jupiter always brings the need to find meaning and philosophical significance, Pluto continues to hover nearby in Capricorn and emphasize the transformation due to dramatic and conflicting action.


So the next few months will be the key to whether or not we will begin to understand how we can all work together for a better future rather than alienating each other so completely that we will cripple our next generations.


Look at your natal chart to see what houses or natal planets Jupiter will pass through or over during this Libra period (19° Capricorn to 24° Capricorn) and also notice significant aspects (angles) to planets in your chart that may be in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn.