The Earth is always directly opposite the Sun in the Zodiac, so while the Sun moves through Scorpio, the Earth moves through Taurus.  This represents a shift for the Earth from a fire sign (Aries) to an earth sign (Taurus.) This is especially important for the Earth since it rules the sign of Taurus, which means that issues relating to climate change become key.


On October 31st, the Halloween celebrations become all the more significant because the Earth will be conjunct to the planet Uranus (8° Taurus), raising awareness of all Earth-related issues. Given the dangers of our pandemic, I think that avoiding not-masked crowds will be a smart thing to do. Be sure to look at your natal chart to see where this impacts you.


The other significant transit for the earth occurs on November 15th at the new Moon (23° Scorpio). This can be another opportunity to emphasize the needs of the Earth, especially as they impact our climate.


Never has our planet and its systems of nature, fire, earth, air and water been so in need of understanding. As Earth passes through Taurus, it has the potential of raising awareness for climate change concerns.


Look at your natal chart to see what houses or planets the Earth passes through or over during this period (0° Taurus to 29°59’ Taurus.) This will help you to understand ways that you personally can combat this appalling ignorance, which may be catching up with us now.