While the Sun goes through Scorpio, Chiron continues its retrograde motion in Aries, moving from 6°09 Aries to 5°13. One concern with this position is that Aries is the sign of war (or, looking at it another way, the sign of action, whether or not it is well thought out.) The wounded healer in this position is likely to arouse the need for action even when it may be action for its own sake.


Retrograde movement means that a planet’s effect is turned inward toward that inner dialog that helps us to make sense of the world. That changes on Dec 17th when Chiron moves direct again.


When considering the effect of Chiron in your life, remember that its effects are for a whole generation of people, as are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which follow.

We need action now on the part of the science and medical communities, but not necessarily action on the part of sports events or crowd-gathering on beaches.

Chiron’s effect in Aries may even result in a temporary stoppage of the idea that suggests we don’t need a national healing. Chiron indicates that behind the scenes is an important need to heal old wounds.


Chiron orbits the Sun between the planet Saturn and the planet Uranus. This is a very important position between the planet of discipline and caution (Saturn) and the planet of intellectual awareness (Uranus.) Currently Saturn is representing management/politics (Capricorn) and Uranus is representing our awareness of our dependency on money and security (Taurus.) Chiron’s significance as a healer (he was known as the wounded healer) is taking on great significance in Aries, the sign of this unwanted war against a virus.


Chiron was a Centaur among the immortals of the Greek gods, as where other centaurs. Chiron, however, was very different from the other centaurs because he spent most of his time studying the medicinal and healing arts, including such things as herbology, botany and pharmacy.


Around the time that the small planet Chiron was discovered and named, there arose in several cultures a renewed interest in old healing arts, including the use of herbs, acupuncture, reiki and yoga. I include Chiron in all my charts, especially because of his story in mythology. He was known as the “wounded healer” because he was accidentally struck by a poison arrow, and he eventually chose to give up his immortality and die because of the pain he suffered. I give Chiron the rulership of the sign of Virgo, which is a sign of service, health and medicine.


Look in your natal chart to see if Chiron impacts you significantly as it moves slowly and retrograde in Aries. See what house it is impacting, and don’t forget to look at potential aspects in your chart.