I will be giving a talk at the Karma Wellness Center in Brewster on Thursday,

March 12th at 7:00 PM. Here’s a brief blurb on what I will be talking about. I will ask for a minimum contribution of $10 to support the cost of renting the space. You can sign up on their website



by Bill Priest, Astrologer


How do you really know something? Not in the simple way of having someone tell you or reading it somewhere, or even seeing it yourself, but the kind of knowledge that drops like the proverbial pebble in water and expands in waves through your emotions, your thoughts, your body and your spirit. This is what I call a “seminal event” in your life. By that I mean an experience that plants the seed of things that will happen later in your life. We all have these experiences if we are even modestly aware of life around us. But what can truly be a life-changer is realizing that such events are in synchronicity with cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the planets in our solar system --- the true context, along with the elements of Nature, of our lives.

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