This page follows the astrology calendar; that is, as the Sun moves into each new sign, I give you a look at what the planets are doing for the next month until the Sun enters the next sign. If you are familiar with your birth chart, you can follow along and see how you may be affected by the astrological weather, if not, you still may find it interesting.


Note: Rx” means retrograde (backwards) motion.



OVERVIEW for Scorpio, 2020 {Oct 22nd to Nov 21st.}


Well, the time of reckoning (election day) has arrived! I’m not going to mince words during this Scorpio event. I’m going to let my hair down (I do need a haircut) and tell you exactly what I’m thinking and what I’m hoping for. In doing so I’m going to reference both Donald Trump’s natal chart and Joe Biden’s.


First of all, note that Mercury went retrograde on Oct 14th and stays that way until, believe it or not, election day (Nov 3rd) --- end of the internal struggle about our decisions. Can’t do anything more at that point until the results become clear. At that same time, Mercury will be square to transiting Saturn, indicating the fears that have been ramping up about election. I’m hoping (and expecting) that the fact that Mercury goes direct again after the election means we will know quite quickly who has won; however, given the contentious nature of our current POTUS, what will actually happen at that time may be still up in the air. He’s not in a hurry to become a US citizen again, especially as he will be subject to tax laws.


Here’s what happening in Donald’s chart. For some time now, the transiting planet Neptune has been squaring both his Sun and Moon (and his significant Moon’s North/South Nodes.) Neptune, as many of you know, is the planet of compassion and imagination, and has been making its once-every-165 years trek through Pisces, the sign that it rules. There are two significant things about this: first, Donald’s inability to show true compassion towards the 220,368 people who have died under his watch from the COVID-19 virus, has been a major factor in his electability chances, and second, when his imagination is stirred it invariably results in a blitz of paranoia.


It should also be pointed out that this Neptune transit is happening in Donald’s 8th House, the house of transformation. We can only hope that he actually learns something important from this, but frankly, I doubt he will.


By contrast, this Neptune transit is trine to Joe Biden’s Mercury/Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, and conjuncts his natal asteroid, Ceres, the symbol of one’s nurturing side. I believe that his expressed compassion for families who have experienced death, as he himself has, is genuine.


The second most telling transit during this election period, is the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto through Capricorn, the sign of government, discipline and management. This is the overarching transit that has created the contentious environment we find ourselves in these days. To understand the effects of these planets on our two candidates, we need to look at the disposition of these three planets in each of their natal charts.


In Donald’s natal chart, Jupiter is square to Saturn and has no special bearing on Pluto at all. I believe that the square to Saturn indicates his tendency to say whatever he likes (Jupiter in 3rd House) without any connection to reality or what’s actually good for him in political terms. Both Saturn (discipline) and Pluto (power) are in the 12th house, suggesting that he prefers to exercise these traits behind the scenes, not out where people can see them.


Donald also has a Venus/Saturn conjunction in that hidden 12th House which has been consistently challenged by the opposition of these three transiting planets during most of his years as President. Interestingly, those transits have been in his 6th House, the house of, among other things, health and a sense of humility and service.


In Joe’s natal chart, that same transit of three planets has conjuncted his natal Jupiter in the 8th House (again, transformation.) Jupiter is a much more optimistic planet to have impacted, than Saturn. Joe’s transformation, it would seem has something to do with his philosophy and his outlook on the world. If he is elected President, you can be sure that his outlook will take on some serious new experiences. I will point out that this natal Jupiter is also trine to his Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio.


So, in case you’ve missed the overall point of these comments, I’m betting and hoping that the polls are not distorted as they were four years ago, and Trump will lose. It’s not something to take your savings and gamble on (especially in this weird stock market held up by billionaires), but I hope you’ll at least take a little bit of solace in my optimism. As my partner, Carla, advises; “Vote, pray, and let it go.”