As Above, So Below


… the ancient creed of astrologers. Looking out to the Universe is so much like peeking inward --- seemingly timeless and surprisingly beautiful.


We are beings formed in a small star system, and yet we can sense our possibilities within. Like the weather on Earth, we try to predict, looking for a small piece of certainty on an ever-changing planet and a constantly changing Universe. It began with language, the sharing point of outer and inner worlds.


In this human growth toward something unknown, we have begun another kind of language --- astrology --- a recognition that we are shaped by the Sun, our own Moon, and the planets whirling all around us. This planetary language has been the province of special interpreters known as astrologers. I have met and learned from many astrologers in the forty plus years I have been following astrology. Some of them are incredibly brilliant and profound thinkers; others, not so much.


It occurred to me that, in this age of the internet and information on one’s fingertips, we all need guidance through the maze, even while all the basic astrological information is readily available. I believe it all starts with your birth chart; it is both the way to astrology basics and the way to an interpretive future. Parallel to these paths is the growth of your own inner dialogue --- that voice inside you that reminds you what’s important and is the center of your decision-making.


In my book, The Weather Within, I use my own life experience to show you, within the context of astrology basics, how to interpret your own birth chart. These days, the first step (constructing the birth chart) is simple because astrology software that does the calculation is readily available. You can buy the software, or pay an astrologer who has the software, to construct your chart once you have the basic birth information, including time of birth. The calculations take less than a second.


The result might look like this:

The book gives you all the basics to understand the symbols and put them into proper context. It is a beginning to self-understanding and the start of a new way of life.


My mission, both in my book and in my teaching, is to guide you in the process of interpreting your birth chart. I believe that learning interpretation for yourself is far better than depending on others to interpret for you, and you will be less likely to be misguided.